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OEM Belt Product & ODM Belt Product

About Us
Letrustart Limited, as a China company, it locates in Guangzhou which is the host city for one of the most famous international fairs, canton fair. It's neither a leading company, nor a big company. But it always strives ...
Factory Tour
According to different manufacturing processing for different material and the different assembly comlexity, we have established 6 production lines : (1) Webbing Belt (2)Webbing Harness (3) Rubber Belt (4) Rubber Harness ...
Quality Control
Our company is not able to handle the hi-tech product. However, we are quite sure we can handle our belt product. Yeah, we are not the most prefesional belt product supplier, but we always strives to be the most ...
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Address : Beitai Road No.2, Longgui Management Area, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, People\'s Republic of China
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0086-20-36398816(Working time)
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